It’s the Grind – Infinity Blade Review

Infinity Blade has been out a while, and when it became free, I downloaded it, but I’ve never really played it until now.

The game revolves around dodging attacks, then attacking the enemy when you get a chance with a lot of swipes on the screen. Then you die. Then you start over again, and try a different route. You get to “The God King”, die, and start the castle all over again. You try a different route again this time, die and restart the castle. You go the way you went last time. You reach “The God King”, die, and start the castle over again. Rinse and repeat 4 more times. Try to beat “The God King” now that you’re a higher level, die, not because you’re bad at the game, but because the dodging controls are just awful.

Because they are. Even when I was touching one of the on-screen buttons, the game would not pick it up. This led to quite a few unnecessary hits by my enemies, of which there are a few, and quite a few of them have elemental powers, e.g. electricity. A lot of the enemies have the same attacking powers, so you have to memorise the dodging patters, when the buttons work. You gain experience points after each battle, which goes towards your items and level. When an item gains the maximum amount of XP, it is said to be “mastered”, and you will not gain any more XP from it, meaning that no XP goes towards your level either, so you need to buy more items to gain XP. Of course, to bypass the grind, you could buy coins with real-life money and purchase big items and get through the game quicker.

However, the game is very repetitive because of this, and there is little to no storyline.

– Good Ideas
– Well executed

– Slightly outdated graphics
– Buttons occassionally didn’t register my presses
– Grind is slightly boring
– Price ($6.49) is far too high


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