How are the Games Reviewed?

Every so often, people question how a website reviews its game. This page should hopefully answer any questions you may be having. If not, leave a comment!

How long is a game played before being reviewed?

For me, it’s until I finish the main storyline. If I haven’t finished the storyline, I’ll try to make that clear in my reviews.

Are the games provided free of charge or paid for?

It depends. Some of them are provided as a review copy by the developer, others are paid for by me. Games that were provided free of charge will have a disclaimer in the review.

Are reviews subjective?

Of course they are. It’s a personal opinion on something, therefore it is subjective. It’s impossible to review a game without being subjective (well, technically you could, but it would be of no use to readers).

Are mobile, portable, and console games reviewed on the same scale?

In a simple answer; no. Unless it’s a direct port, the game is on a scale relative to that platform(s), whether it be mobile (Android, iOS, Windows OS), portable (Vita, 3DS, PSP, DS, Gameboy, etc) or console (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, SNES, Master System, etc). This is so that 10/10 masterpieces aren’t compared to 9/10 mobile games. That would be silly, because each console has its own strengths that each game should try and utilise (for example, mobile games should be short, and any story-based mobile games should take only a few minutes to complete per chapter, whereas PC games couldn’t pull off that kind of short gameplay).

Why Scores?

Scores are an easy way to shortly convey feelings about a game without the need for words. However, brief summaries help, so I’ve included a positive and negative section above and below the score to help you find the best (and worst) things about a particular game.

What do they mean?

I’m glad you asked.

In my head, I review game both subjectively and objectively. I rate them out of five objectively, which is how the game works (mechanics, bugs, online lag) and out of five subjectively, which is what I liked and didn’t like: I might like the art style, but someone else might hate it.

This means that the review is subjective, and ultimately the score is too, but I think about the scores I give games.


This game would be the absolute worst. No game should ever score this low. Surely every game, no matter how bad, would have to have at least one good feature about it, right?


That’s what this game would be. Really bad, possibly one or two redeeming features, but ultimately a waste of time.


A few more redeeming features, but not worth playing. Unless its free and you really want to laugh at how bad it is.


The game’s slightly better than the ones before it. It might have something good about it. It might not be as buggy. Who knows?


Slowly working our way up. ‘2’ is a game that is still awful, but probably playable. The pain of playing it, however, isn’t worth going through.


A quarter of the way through! A game that’s a quarter of what a perfect game is. So if you take a perfect game, chopped it into quarters, and sold them as separate games, this would be the result (in theory). In actual fact, this game would be bad because it could have been so much better than what it was.


A game that isn’t awful, but not quite mediocre either. It has some good features, and more than any that come before it, but the game isn’t worth playing, whether because of bugs or other reasons.


Approaching playable. The developers still needed to put in more work though.


Uninteresting. Several redeeming features, but the game still isn’t enjoyable.


A game that’s still far too buggy, and/or not enjoyable. Some moments of fun.


Average. Everything works, but there’s no real reason to buy it either. Better games can be found.


Slightly better than a five. It might be too short, bland, or just not worth the price tag.


Meh. It’s fairly average – it’s OK, but it’s nothing spectacular. You’d only get it if you had nothing else to buy, or if it was in the bargain bin.


It’s good, but it’s too expensive, or some features don’t quite work.


Good. It could be better, but it’s a good way to spend a few hours. Perhaps some repetitive features, but nothing that makes the game awful.


Not great, but better than good. Perhaps a few features that stop it from being great.


Great. An enjoyable way to spend several hours. The difference between this and good is that a 7 might have some boring bits, whereas this is fun pretty much all the way through.


Very, very, very good. Perhaps it tries to implement something new but it doesn’t work. Slightly more enjoyable than 8.


Spectacular. A very enjoyable game that you could play for days. Some issues, but nothing that stops the game from being fun.


Spectacular. A game that goes above and beyond to deliver a truly great experience. A few issues, but even so, it remains an extremely enjoyable game


Utter perfection. Or some other reason deserving of this perfect score, such as innovating and succeeding perfectly in its aims. One or two minor bugs, but this game should be absolutely flawless.


If you have any problems with the score for a game, let me know either in the comments here or on the article, and I’ll try to answer any queries you may have.


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