Gamesland is a blog where I review games. Unlike other blogs, I don’t get professionally paid to review these games, I’m just a normal person who has to pay for games, like the general public. This means that my reviews are going to be pretty close to how the game actually is.

You may have found yourself attracted to this blog for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re into gaming, maybe you just want to keep on top of the latest news, maybe you just like reading reviews. Whatever your reason for coming here, you are welcome, and you opinion is valued. Whether you are 8, 38, or 80 doesn’t matter. You have something valuable to say. Any comments that are hurting other users will not be published.

Speaking of commenting, there is to be no swearing (or other offensive material) and no hurtfullness to other users, as mentioned above. Friendly debate is encouraged, but any offensive/name calling/hurtful material will not be published (the bottom line: debate, but don’t let it get out of hand and turn it into an argument).

All pictures on this website are copyright by their respective owners, and in some cases (such as the review photos) I own the photos. Please contact the respective owner if you wish to use the picture.

Any ads on this site are placed by WordPress, and not by me. Do not click on the ads, this will only encourage them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for reading.


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