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– There’s a June Xbox One update coming which will, among other things, allow external hard drives to be used.
– Zenimax is filing a lawsuit against Oculus, claiming that John Carmack gave away Zenimax ( John Carmack worked at id software, a subsidary of Zenimax) secrets to the Oculus team, allowing them to make it a reality.
Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita in August this year, with the PlayStation games featuring cross-buy.
– I saw Frozen on the weekend, and it’s great, even if I thought the story was a little lacking. It’s only flaw is that now I’m humming “Do you want to build a snowman?” all day long.

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Gamesland News


– Due to a lack of ‘sincerity’, Nintendo has been heavily critisised for patching out a bug in its game Tomodachi Life (3DS) which allowed male Mii sprites, having been assigned a female gender, to become pregnant and have a baby. Nintendo issued an apology, and now everything seems to have died down.
– Ubisoft’s newest game, Watch Dogs, has been revealed to run at 720p on the Xbox One and 900p on the PS4. Both consoles will run 30 frames per second. This has led to more wondering whether Watch Dogs is poorly optimised, as other games can run at 720p/60fps no problem on the Xbox One, and the PS4, which is more powerful, is able to do that with double the number of pixels (1080p/60fps).
– Microsoft is releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One, which will retail at $400 in the US, pricing it even with the PS4. Interestingly enough, in Australia it’s $500, $50 cheaper than the PS4…This may be just enough to turn the tide in this gen for Microsoft, especially as now it is able to use the 10% of RAM allocated to the Kinect is able to be used for other purposes.

So what’s the deal with Pokémon? I mean, the community is crazy about these new Hoenn games. They’re so popular? Now, I know pokémon is a much-loved franchise, but I’m fairly sure the Kanto and Johto didn’t receive the same kind of fanfare. I may be influenced by this hype as well, I’ve started rebuilding my collection again. I’m looking forward to these games, as it was one of the only two gens I haven’t played (the other being gen 5, why are those still $70 at gaming stores? They’re more expensive than the 3DS games!!!). September, here we come!

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Gamesland News

– The PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One again in March, according to numbers released by the NPD. I’m not even surprised anymore; it’s clear that the PS4 is the more popular console by the public, but the numebrs should even out eventually.
The Amazing Spiderman 2 game (published by Activision) has been ‘delayed indefinitely’ on the Xbox One, but will continue to launch on all current-gen consoles and the PS4 and Wii U as planned.
The Walking Dead Season 2 will be coming to the PlayStation Vita on April 22.
– It has been revealed that Nintendo was offered a partnership by the now-developers of Skylanders to have a game with similar features – that is a portal, but instead of the Spyro franchise it would feature Nintendo Characters – but Nintendo refused.
– Sony is looking into a The Last of Us upgrade from the PS3 version. What this means is that existing owners of the game on PS3 would be able to upgrade to the PS4 game at a cheaper price, similar to the offers on some last-gen and current-gen games.
Minecraft retail versions have been confirmed for the PS3, which is launching on the 16 May, while PS4 and PS Vita release dates have not been confirmed. Cross-Buy for these games would be great, but is unconfirmed (and unlikely).

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Gamesland News

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy, but I’m working on it. I’ll review something in the coming weeks, and will be having that History of Gaming article done either this week or the next.

Dark Souls II has been confirmed for a April 25 release date for PC.
– Twitch has been the site of a cultural phenomonon, known as “Twitch Plays Pokémon”. “Players” could input commands via chat, and the character would move in that direction. This was naturally quite a challenge with 10’000+ people playing, but they finished a first-gen Pokémon game (it’s suspected to be Red) and are now playing Crystal.
– The new Batman game, Arkham Knight, has been announced, and will feature a new archrival, and will heavily feature that Batmobile. It is being developed by the creators of the first games, Rocksteady, as opposed too the creators of the most recent game, WB Montreal.
– There’s currently a Need For Speed on the PSN, and a Luigi sale on the Wii U.
– The Titanfall Xbox One console was revealed to be a gift to the developers, but the controller can still be bought.
– Speaking of the Xbox One controller, the February update actually made the controller more sensitive, the first time a software update had changed a controller’s settings.

Gamesland News: 7.02.14 – 15.02.14

Sorry guys, I’ve been really busy this past few weeks, but I can assure you that Gamesland News will be back to the usual day of Friday next week, and we’ll have a new History of Games post tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you guys had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday.

– Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on an update which will allow 8% out of the current 10% of RAM assigned to the Kinect to be used for other purposes.
– Nintendo has confirmed that a NES Remix 2 is going to be released.
– A new development in the saga has emerged, where King (makers of Candy Crush Saga) have attempted to refute a trademark claim made many years ago by the maker of Candyswipe. The maker of Candyswipe has shown that the app icons, candy pieces-in game, and even the typography are nearly-identical, even though Candyswipe predates Candy Crush Saga by many years.
Borderlands 2 has been confirmed to come to PS Vita, and is also receiving it’s last piece of DLC.

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Gamesland News: 24.01.14 – 31.01.14

– I did release a new article in the past week, but it was published as if it was published a week ago. You can view the article here.
– Nintendo announced a lot of company changes, with president Iwata taking a 50% decrease in pay, and other board members taking a 20-30% decrase, including the renowned Shigeru Miyamoto.
– Nintendo also announced that it is developing a new console, based on the theme of “health”. In addition to this, Nintendo is going to release what seems to be demos or advertisments of games on mobile, but that we “shouldn’t expect a full-blown Mario game on mobile”.
– There has been a rumour that Microsoft is releasing a white Xbox One console, as well as a 1TB hard drive without a blu-ray disc drive. We could also be seeing games such as a Halo Anniversary 2 and Forza Legends this year, Fable Legends in 2015, and there’s been a few other rumours about other games. These are just rumours, however.
– Microsoft is also offering a service where if you trade your Xbox 360 or PS3 at Microsoft stores, you can get the Xbox One for just $399 (the same price as the PS4).
– There’s also been a rumour that the Ps4 is getting a special PSOne and PS2 emulator which will run the games at a HD resolution (as opposed to the current upscaling). Of course, this will mean that PlayStation Now will only be for PS3 games, and the emulator will have no input lag.

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Gamesland News: 17.01.13 – 24.01.13

– Nintendo is rumoured to be working on a new console dubbed “Nintendo Fusion”. While it is just a rumour at this point, fans have pointed out that it could simply be a software update that “joins” the 3DS/2DS and WiiU.

– Alienware’s Steam Machine will not be upgradeable, except for maybe the hard-drive. Because it is one of the smaller machines, it is likely that it uses laptop hardware.

– te Tomb Raider Definitive Edition coming out on the PS4 and Xbox One hasbeen confirmed at 1080p with 60 frames per second (fps) on the PS4. It is unknown what it will run at on Xbox One, but it has been speculated that it could be only 30 fps (again, just a rumour).

– (creators of Candy Crush Saga and other mobile games) have filed a trademark for the words “Saga” and “Candy”. This has led to start opposing titls of othergames, including the newly released The Banner Saga, who applied for a trademark on that game’s name.

– The Xbox One sold 3.9 million units in 2013. This is in comparison to the 4.2 units of the PS4 in 2013. Considering the Xbox One has been released in fewer countries, that gap is not big at all.

– The new game The Witcher 3 was mentioned by the CEO of the studio, who sad that it nearly maxes out the power of the PS4 and Xbox One.

– The Elder Scrolls Online has received an “M” raing fom the ESRB. An “M” rating reccomends that the player be 17 years old to play it and forbids minors from buying it in store. This is well above the “T” rating, which would allow younger teeagers to buy the game.

– Both Electronic Arts and Microsoft have been paying Youtubers to advertise their games (in a positive light), although the latter is slightly confusing as Microsoft denies theyhad anything to do with it, and that it was all YouTube giant Machinima behind the paying (Machinima was paying Youtubers, but it seems bizarre they would do this without Microsoft paying them).

– And while this sin’t technically gaming news, there’s a rumour going around that Pixar is making a new Star Wars movie.


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