Jetpack Joyride’s Easter Update is a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Jetpack Joyride is just one of developer Halfbrick’s success stories – not only is it one of the most popular games on iOS, but most casual gamers would recognise either this game or Halfbrick’s other breakthrough game, Fruit Ninja.

A few years ago, Jetpack Joyride went free-to-play and it can be debated how good of a decision that was for the game. I picked it up again as a result of this update, and the game’s certainly changed a lot since I first played it way back in 2011, although I may save my thoughts for a proper review later.

The Easter Update (or “Eggstravaganza” as the developers are calling it) features a new vehicle skin and outfit. The skin can only be bought, but the outfit can be collected by collecting 1800 floating eggs in the game before the event ends (which is about 9 days from now). This isn’t a particularly difficult task – I routinely get 20 eggs in gameplay, and generally at least 10, which means you’d only need to play the game around 15 times a day┬áto get the outfit, which given how short Joyride‘s playtimes are, isn’t a particularly difficult task. Another big plus from me is the lucrative coin spawns that come with the event – one in particular spells out “chocolate”, which is a nice 300 coins (when I first played, I would struggle to get 300 coins per game, now I can routinely hit 1000+ per game in this update).

I’m not going to give the update a score (I don’t think there’s enough content here to warrant a score like a full game) but this is a great update to an already great game. I would definitely recommend picking it up if you’re looking for an easy, fun mobile game.


Gamesland News: 21/09/13 – 27/09/13


– Steam announced two new products: SteamOS, a brand new operating system for computers, and Steam Machines , a brand new computer designed to run the SteamOS. Sadly, no Half-Life 3 was announced…
– People had great fun discovering lots of glitches in Grand Theft Auto V.
– Facebook finally allowed post editing.
– A man on drugs tried to sell a Xbox (model unspecified) to a man and then stabbed him when he didn’t want to buy the console.
– A judge has banned a 17 year old from playing video games after he assaulted his mother with his Playstation 3.
– A man stole a car after playing Grand Theft Auto V.

What I’m Playing
– Not much at the moment, surprisingly…
Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 ReMIX.
– I plan to start playing the Journey’s Collector’s Edition again soon.
Band Stars, for it’s global release shortly.

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