Game of the Year – Nominees

This genre defines the console games, which are PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and WiiU (Since the PS4 and Xbox One have just come out, I’m not counting them). Console games are judged on story, gameplay, genre-defining mechanics, and art. Sound, multiplayer, and design (how the game is layed out) are pluses. The nominees for the Game of the Year Award for 2013 are:

Tomb Raider

Disney Infinity

Kingdom Hearts HD-1.5 Re:Mix

Mass Effect


Games and Numbers do not go together

A quick, high school algebra refresher: The point in a < or > points to the smaller number. So 3<5. or 5>3. The following article attempts to turn that on its head. “/” is a division symbol and “*” is a multiplication symbol.

Recently a lot of news has come up about the XBOX ONE’s naming, because the second XBOX was called the XBOX 360 because it was going up against the PS3. 2<3, right? So I decided to look at how companies named their consoles and/or games.

Firstly, Nintendo. Their naming of consoles makes no sense. While we have the XBOX 1 and PS4, Nintendo decides to go from the Wii to the Wii U. ??? WHY ??? But what do I know? They went from the 3DS to the 2DS…And Microsoft’s not much better. XBOX. XBOX 360. XBOX ONE. You’d think Apple would have some sort sense, right? Wrong. It went OK until the 3GS and now Apple thinks that they have to add “S” to everything. But wait! Now they’ve gone from capital “S”‘s to a “s”. And they’ve also released a “c” as well. Because S/2 = C… And Apple’s software isn’t much better. iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 7.0.0. What happened to the 8.7 numbers in between? Ah well. AT least PlayStation can be counted on…PlayStation. PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3. PlayStation 4. Great, until you get to the portable console. PlayStation Portable. PlayStation Vita. What is this?

And games don’t to much to redeem the consoles. Why are all the Final Fantasy games numbered with Roman Numerals? Why are the sequels numbered with a dash, e.g. Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X-2? Should it not just be Final Fantasy XI? And don’t get me started on Kingdom Hearts…isn’t 358/2 = 179? Shouldn’t it be Kingdom Hearts 179 Days? The Elder Scrolls didn’t have any numbering until no. 3 (Morrowind), and Guitar Hero isn’t much better. At least the Gran Turismo series makes sense.

The Moral of the Story: Although all these numbers need to be used in coding to make the games, clearly actually naming the games is a different matter.

Gamesland News: 14/09/13 – 20/09/13

– Last week we stated that a developer claimed that the PS4 had a 50% advantadge over the XBOX ONE. Now they’re claiming that the games are going to look like the XBOX ONE versions on the PS4, so that the developers don’t make Microsoft angry.
– Halfbrick released their latest game, Band Stars, for iOS. It should be getting a worldwide release later this year.
Grand Theft Auto V was released for XBOX 360 and PS3 this week. People were lining up at midnight to get it, and pre-orders ran out to get it. An online petition to get it released for PC currently has 470 000 signatures.
– iOS 7 was released on the 18th (or the 19th if you’re in the Pacific).
– The 5s and the 5c are going on sale today (or tomorrow if you’re in the Pacific). I really want to go to my Apple store just to muck about with the 5s…
– Hiroshi Yamauchi (President of Nintendo 1949-2002) died on the 19/09/13 from Pneumonia in a Kyoto Hospital. He was 85. He was the man that helped Nintendo stop making children’s toys and got Nintendo into electronics. Without him, videogames would not exist today.

What I’m playing
– Currently I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 reMIX. I’ve also been playing the original Infinity Blade and have been continuing to play Band Stars for a review when it it released globally.

Next Review
– Expect A Link to the Past to come next, followed by Infinity Blade. I probably son’t get Kingdom Hearts finished for a while, and Band Stars won’t be reviewed until it’s released globally.

First Thoughts
A Link to the Past is so difficult it’s distressing. I’m also growing bored of it now.
Infinity Blade is kind of boring, doing the same thing over and over again.
Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 reMIX is frustrating with horrible level design and awful jumping controls, apart from that, I’m loving the story.
Band Stars‘s free-to-play model is showing through now…But it’s still a great game.

Stay tuned for more news next Friday (27/09/13)