Gamesland News: Intel, Minecraft, Samsung, and More!

The latest news from the gaming world, condensed into one post with an easy-to-read format.


– Intel announced an 8-Core CPU, although nothing has really been optimised for it, so its kind of pointless…for now.

– The next Dragon Slash game is going to be a real-time hack-and-slash

– The next Little Big Planet game is going to be a ‘free-to-play, platform-survival game’, also known as an endless runner. It’s coming to Android, iOS, and the PS Vita in October.

– Minecraft was released for the Xbox One and PS4, and it’s a $5 upgrade from the previous console versions (but only to the respective consoles). The PS Vita release is coming “soon”.

– The movie for Shadow of the Colossus is still happening, with the people working on the film announced. Although there’s no cast yet.

– Finally, Samsung announced their VR headset, called “Gear VR”. The headset will work with the new “Note 4” (which slips into the front of the device and acts as the screen) and has several games already announced, including a first-person Temple Run that looks very scary.

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Gamesland News: 11.10.13 – 19.10.13

– The PS4 exclusive Driveclub has been delayed until next year. The game also joins Watchdogs in the list of delayed titles.
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y were released globally last weekend.
– The new Skylanders game, Swap Force, was also released.
– It was stated by a Microsoft advertiser that the Kinect will be able to see if you are paying attention to ads while watching TV. No more information was given, however, leaving people to believe that Microsoft will have to ask users for permission before gathering data (unless it’s in the terms and conditions for the console).
– Computer processor maker Intel has stated that they are certain that Grand Theft Auto V will come to PC.
– The online petition to bring Grand Theft Auto V to PC has surpassed 600’000 signatures.
This Site has opened up a PS4 development kit to see what’s inside. It looks like you’ll be able to swap HDD’s relatively easily. The website is in German, so unless you’re a fluent reader, you’ll want to go to Google Translate or a different service to translate it.
– Starting tomorrow and lasting until next Sunday, it’s mobile week here at Gamesland. Each day, I’ll post a review of a mobile game that’s caught my attention. Some might be indie titles, others might be made by a big studio. Still, everyday I’ll have a review that celebrates the wonderful world of mobile gaming.

What I’m Playing
Tiny Death Star.
– The mobile games for next week.
– I’ve ordered Pokémon X online. Because I was away the week it came out, it was impossible to get a copy in-stores for a good price.
Mass Effect
Tomb Raider

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