Jetpack Joyride’s Easter Update is a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Jetpack Joyride is just one of developer Halfbrick’s success stories – not only is it one of the most popular games on iOS, but most casual gamers would recognise either this game or Halfbrick’s other breakthrough game, Fruit Ninja.

A few years ago, Jetpack Joyride went free-to-play and it can be debated how good of a decision that was for the game. I picked it up again as a result of this update, and the game’s certainly changed a lot since I first played it way back in 2011, although I may save my thoughts for a proper review later.

The Easter Update (or “Eggstravaganza” as the developers are calling it) features a new vehicle skin and outfit. The skin can only be bought, but the outfit can be collected by collecting 1800 floating eggs in the game before the event ends (which is about 9 days from now). This isn’t a particularly difficult task – I routinely get 20 eggs in gameplay, and generally at least 10, which means you’d only need to play the game around 15 times a day to get the outfit, which given how short Joyride‘s playtimes are, isn’t a particularly difficult task. Another big plus from me is the lucrative coin spawns that come with the event – one in particular spells out “chocolate”, which is a nice 300 coins (when I first played, I would struggle to get 300 coins per game, now I can routinely hit 1000+ per game in this update).

I’m not going to give the update a score (I don’t think there’s enough content here to warrant a score like a full game) but this is a great update to an already great game. I would definitely recommend picking it up if you’re looking for an easy, fun mobile game.


All Halfbrick games free on iOS

For a limited time only, all Halfbrick games, from 2010 – 2014, are free on iOS. These include their newest game, Birzzle Fever, along with all their other classics, such as Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies, and Colossatron: Massive World Threat.
Certain HD versions of games are also available.
Halfbrick makes great games, so don’t miss out on this offer!
For download links, and further information, go their blog post here:

Gamesland News: 25.10.13 – 01.11.13

Well, guys, I hope you had a great week. Some new games were released, namely Batman: Arkham Origins and Battlefield 4, so if you’re playing them, I hope you enjoy them!

– Indie games developer Halfbrick (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja) was announced as mobile developer of the year in Australia.
– It had been confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at 720p on the Xbox One, however it has been stated by a Microsoft representative that it will still look good upscaled to 1080p. Comparison videos appear to show not much difference.
– Also in Xbox One news, the Kinect will share you’re data with Microsoft, but only if you’re playing online, and only a stick figure version of yourself will be sent to Microsoft. You will not be able to be recognised by the stick figure diagram, and the data will be deleted after they have analysed it. Voice Chat, however, will be able to be heard by anyone.
Titanfall will be a Microsoft (Xbox One and PC) exclusive, and will not be coming to PS4. Titanfall 2 might be, though.
– Nintendo announced a new Pokémon game, in which Pikachu will have a big role. Apparently, it’s a detective style game.
– Nintendo also announced that The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin will be getting a cartoon on the 3DS video software.
Nintendo Letter Box (or Swapnote) has been cancelled after ot was tevealed that certain people were sending inapporpriate content.

What I’m Playing
Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (I’ll explain later).
– My Pokémon X game has not arrived yet. Grrrr.

Questions? Feedback?
– Leave them in the comments and I’ll post a reply.

Tune in next Friday (8.11.13) for more news from the land of Gaming.

Gamesland News: 14/09/13 – 20/09/13

– Last week we stated that a developer claimed that the PS4 had a 50% advantadge over the XBOX ONE. Now they’re claiming that the games are going to look like the XBOX ONE versions on the PS4, so that the developers don’t make Microsoft angry.
– Halfbrick released their latest game, Band Stars, for iOS. It should be getting a worldwide release later this year.
Grand Theft Auto V was released for XBOX 360 and PS3 this week. People were lining up at midnight to get it, and pre-orders ran out to get it. An online petition to get it released for PC currently has 470 000 signatures.
– iOS 7 was released on the 18th (or the 19th if you’re in the Pacific).
– The 5s and the 5c are going on sale today (or tomorrow if you’re in the Pacific). I really want to go to my Apple store just to muck about with the 5s…
– Hiroshi Yamauchi (President of Nintendo 1949-2002) died on the 19/09/13 from Pneumonia in a Kyoto Hospital. He was 85. He was the man that helped Nintendo stop making children’s toys and got Nintendo into electronics. Without him, videogames would not exist today.

What I’m playing
– Currently I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 reMIX. I’ve also been playing the original Infinity Blade and have been continuing to play Band Stars for a review when it it released globally.

Next Review
– Expect A Link to the Past to come next, followed by Infinity Blade. I probably son’t get Kingdom Hearts finished for a while, and Band Stars won’t be reviewed until it’s released globally.

First Thoughts
A Link to the Past is so difficult it’s distressing. I’m also growing bored of it now.
Infinity Blade is kind of boring, doing the same thing over and over again.
Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 reMIX is frustrating with horrible level design and awful jumping controls, apart from that, I’m loving the story.
Band Stars‘s free-to-play model is showing through now…But it’s still a great game.

Stay tuned for more news next Friday (27/09/13)

First Thoughts – Band Stars

A small little title appeared on the Australian and Canadian App Stores today. That game was a new game from Halfbrick and Six Foot Kids, titled Band Stars. It’s currently only on the Australian and Canadian app stores, with a global release planned “before the end of the year”. Nevertheless, it was free so I decided to have a look at it. It’s actually really good.

You start off by having to choose your band members (you can choose from more later) and then start recording a song, which will then (hopefully) become a hit. When recording the song, you have to choose a genre, lyrics, and publisher. If it becomes a hit, you can then use “drink” to make it go viral, thus boosting your sing further up the charts, and with that comes more profit. Along the way you figure out which combinations of genres and lyrics go together, and be able to make better songs.

The free-to-play style works well, with real-world money being used to purchase in-game money, “drink”, and Inspirados, which I’m not sure are for, but I think it has something to do with how good you are at making songs. There’s a few problems with the game, the obvious being that one genre with lyrics will sound exactly the same to the same genre with different lyrics, but we weren’t expecting too much.

If you live in Australia or Canada, it’s worth taking a look at, being free, but for the rest of the world, I’ll post a review when it’s released worldwide. Sit tight until then.