E3 Coverage: EA’s Conference

The first time I did E3 coverage, I posted all the news in one post, and while that was nice, I had a look at the sheer number of conferences this year and decided to devote one post to each conference. After I’ve watched all the conferences, I’ll post a summary with some of my highlights from E3.

Let’s start with EA’s Conference.


Madden 18 has a new story mode, which is cool. I’m a fan of how all these sports games are adding story modes, it makes the sports games more accessible to people that want a story as well

Battlefield 1

o   Night maps: this is cool, war doesn’t just happen during the day

o   Eastern Battles (In the Name of the Tsar). History buffs are going to get a kick out of this, I think. The Eastern Front was also less static than the west, so this will be good gameplay wise as well hopefully

o   More general updates as well with the Eastern Expansion

Another Battlefield update focusing on smaller, team-based modes, will be announced at Gamescom in August

EA wants more competition within their games

o   Will launch largest FIFA championship ever

FIFA 18: uses motion-capture technology from great players like Ronaldo

o   The Journey (FIFA’s story mode) has a sequel, which is good that it wasn’t just a gimmick and EA’s continuing their sport story modes

Need for Speed: Payback

o   Taking down a Cartel: heist missions, and an action focus

o   3 different playable characters to tell the narrative

o   Showed footage of a “Highway Heist”: lots of objectives during driving (e.g. take out 2 cars), but the actual driving itself looks slick as well. I’m quite excited for this actually, it looks like an innovative take on the racing genre and who doesn’t love a good heist?

EA Original: A Way Out

o   Escape from a prison in a co-op adventure

o   It doesn’t look like it ends when you escape the prison either, so I’m curious at how long it’ll be and how the co-op will work if the game can’t be finished in one sitting

o   Split-screen co-op only (online/couch)

o   One player can be controlled while the other is in a cutscene

o   Coming Early 2018

o   I’m excited for it, it seems like good couch-based co-op that is sadly lacking from most games today

Bioware’s Brand New IP: Anthem

o   More-to-come at Microsoft’s conference

NBA Live 18

o   Right hand is dribbling, any combination of hand moves to dribble, and left hand controls player movement

o   Story mode: The One

  • Looks more like a traditional career mode, but just slightly more in-depth, not a proper narrative like EA’s other sports games. It still looks like an in-depth career mode though, which is good
  • Features the league as well as street basketball, which is an interesting move, but one that I think will add a lot to the story and gameplay of the game

Star Wars Battlefront II

o   John Boyega (and Battlefront fans) just wants a full offline story mode

o   Battlefront II will have an untold story that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens

o   3 times the content of the first game

o   Skirmish (Instant Action) and split-screen co-op returns

o   More space battles

o   The best Battlefront players have been providing feedback on the multiplayer aspect of Battlefront II

o   Class system returns

o   John Boyega tells us that Finn will be in Battlefront II and all post-release content will be completely free

o   Premiere of multiplayer mode “Assault on Theed”

  • Three phases to the mode, that revolve around the droids attempting to take the Royal Palace
  • Phase 1: Droids try to escort a troop transport up the main street
  • Starfighters can provide air support by attacking ground troops
  • Vehicles spawned by battle points – this reminds me of how you needed to earn a certain number of points to unlock classes in the old Battlefront classes
  • Phase 2: droids attempt to take security checkpoint within palace
  • Darth Maul/Boba Fett Action: hero play looks just as good as hero play from the original Battlefront II
  • It’s interesting that heroes from different eras can play in the battle (e.g. Boba Fett in the prequels) but it could suit the style as well, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out
  • Phase 3: Droids try to capture throne room
  • I’m interested in this game, it takes the traditional Battlefront gameplay and provides more objectives than just the “capture the capture points to win” of the old Battlefronts. I definitely think this game has a lot of potential


That concludes EA’s E3 conference. Overall, I thought it was a decent conference, but they also didn’t show much new content, instead focusing on sequels and yearly instalments. However, what they did show was promising.