The NES Collection: A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

I didn’t play this one for long, so it’s going to be a pretty short review.

Game: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Platform:  NES

Price: $35

I’ve never actually seen A Nightmare on Elm Street, so I went into this with no idea what was heppening.

It’s a pretty basic platformer, you can punch with B and jump with A. Enemies on-screen can be taken out with a few punches.

This was developed by Rare, so the mechanics are pretty good. One of the cooler mechanics is a nightmare bar that steadily depletes. Once empty, nightmare mode begins, where the enemies are tougher. Unfortunately what ruins this mechanic for me is that Freddy can randomly appear at any time during this mode, resulting in a boss battle that cannot be won without an upgrade found before the boss battle.

There’s a decent amount of levels here, and the graphics are good.

It’s just an average platformer but if you like the film I’d say it’s worth checking out.


+ Innovative nightmare mechanic



– Unfair boss battle timing


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