NES Collection #005: 720 Degrees Review

I knew I was going to be playing some bad games in this collection, but this is disgraceful.

Game: 720 Degrees

Platforms: NES, GBC

Price: ~$5

This game is awful. I already don’t really like skateboarding games, but this game did nothing to change that. Awful controls, graphics, and sound absolutely destroy this game.

Let’s start with the gameplay. The game takes place on a “world map” where 4 events and shops are located. The events are: Jump, where your character jumps off a few ramps to do tricks; Ramp, where your character does tricks in a half pipe; Slalom, where your character goes between sets of flags; and Downhill, where your character attempts to follow a winding course downhill. At the shops, equipment can be purchased.

Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Unfortunately, the controls let it down. Skateboarding games need tight controls to work, but 720¬†feels sloppy. It’s an incredibly frustrating experience to move your skateboard down the courses, and even more frustrating to do tricks to earn points. Points are necessary to earn more tickets for events (you only start with three) but even this is executed poorly: you can usually earn enough points without tricks from slalom and downhill to get the final ticket for each class. Once you move up a class you’ll inevitably be killed by killer bees three times for being too slow, but you can contiue from this class anyway, and the cycle starts over. There’s no punishment for losing.

The graphics and sound are also bad. The graphics often have awful colours placed next to each other, creating a disgusting assault on the eyes, and the music is some awful attempt at recreating the “hip” tunes the kids are into, you, dawg. Needless to say, the chiptunes fail miserably.

Upon completion of the fourth and final class, you continue from that class forever, like 10-Yard Fight. Unlike 10-Yard Fight, there’s nothing here to keep you coming back – at least that game had decent controls.


+ It trys to be a decent skateboard game



Frustrating Controls

– Poor Graphics

– Awful Music


2 thoughts on “NES Collection #005: 720 Degrees Review

    • I would guess the Arcade version was more difficult because you’ve only got a certain amount of continues and its hard to get the points needed, but on the NES version, you can continue from where you left off, making the game rather easy.

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