New Series Incoming: The Complete NES Collection

First things first, I haven’t had much of a chance to write on this site recently, which is a real shame. I quite enjoy writing here, but my life got too busy and I had to sacrifice some things.

That being said, I do want to continue to write here. 

Today I’m announcing a new series, of something very few have attempted before: I’m going to play through the entire NES library. I missed the NES by many years, and I never had the chance to play some of the “classics” on that system, something which I think would be hugely beneficial to my gaming ability (at the moment, I’m very terrible at higher-difficulty games).

This is going to be a very long-term project, and usual reviews and editorials will continue as normal. Gamesland news will be discontinued, and any important news will be opinionated in an editorial. 

Here’s hoping to a good year in 2017!


3 thoughts on “New Series Incoming: The Complete NES Collection

  1. That’s quite an ambitious project! There are close to thousands of NES games if you also count unofficial titles, so playing all of them would be quite an achievement. However, do you know how you’re going to get a hold of them?


    • At the moment the plan is just to do licensed titles, of which there’s around 650… definitely an ambitious project!

      Sadly I’m going to emulate the games, I don’t have the money to go collecting all of them! I know it’s definitely not the same as a real console, but its my only option at the moment. In the future, hopefully I’ll have enough cash to buy all of them and have a fantastic collection.

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