Mobile Week Day 4: Crazy Taxi Review

Is this a crazy-good port, or a crazy bad one?

Game: Crazy Taxi

Price: $6.49

Crazy Taxi was originally an arcade game, and that’s pretty clear to see here. It’s a game where you have to drive customers around a city (San Francisco) in a time limit, and try to score the most points.

And this port is pretty good. There’s only four buttons: one to go left, one to go right, one to accelerate, and one to decelerate. This means that the game is pretty simple, but it works.

This simplicity means that the game’s challenge is solely on scoring the most points. After you play a few games, you’ll find the best routes, and roughly where certain customers want to go, and where there’s no point going, and how to get bonus points, and then you come to the realisation of how complex this game is.

The graphics are nothing special – it is a port of a pretty old game after all – but I do wish they were touched up a bit for this re-release.

There’s also a few different modes you can play, but this only really changes whether there’s a set time limit or whether you have to keep it going.

There’s a few different drivers to play as as well, but again, these have no other effect other than cosmetics.

With all that being said though, the game’s still a pretty fun game. I got it back when it was free, but now that it’s  $6.49, it’s slightly different.

If you were a fan of the old games I would suggest that this game is great for you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t. There’s better things on the app store.


– Fun

– Good Controls

– Decent Port



– Expensive for what it is

– Sub-par graphics


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