Gamesland News: 100th Post Special Edition

All the news from the past week, in one, easy-to-read post.

And this week, it’s a special post because it’s the 100th post


– It’s also mobile week on Gamesland, and I’ve had trouble keeping up. Days 5 and 6 should be going up tomorrow, and Day 4 was published today

– AMD has cut 700 jobs in the face of declining revenue

– Jade Raymond, a games producer, has left Ubisoft. Raymond was known for her work on Assassin’s CreedSplinter Cell, and Watch_Dogs

– World of Warcraft is receiving servers in Australia (which will work for New Zealand as well)


That’s all the news for this week, but come back next Friday (the 31st) for more news from the land of gaming.


4 thoughts on “Gamesland News: 100th Post Special Edition

    • Maybe not this year, but I’ll keep it in mind for next year.

      I prefer to play through games in a certain order, either release or story though, and don’t like jumping into numbered games if I haven’t played the previous instalments. But I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.


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