Mobile Week Day 2: Spider-Man Unlimited Review

It’s time once again to look at the games available on mobile, and today it’s Spider-Man Unlimited.

Game: Spider-Man Unlimited

Price:  Free

Platform: Android, iOS

Spider-Man Unlimited is an endless runner from developer Gameloft, and as such is of pretty good quality.

The game has a basic story, which is basically that the Sinester Six from a different dimension has invaded this dimension, and so S.H.I.E.L.D calls upon Spider-Man for help. S.H.I.E.L.D can bring Spider-Men from other dimensions across to this one though.

As an endless runner, the affair here is pretty standard: run, defeat enemies, and gain XP to level up. There are missions in the story mode, but these require a certain level to start, so in between missions you’ll have to do smaller missions to gain said XP to level up.

Where this game really excels is the graphics – it’s vibrant and suits its source material well – the visuals pop-out just like a comic-book would. They are some of the best graphics I’ve seen on an iPad, in they almost work too well: it’s almost like its impossible to see some obstacles because your eyes can’t register all the vibrant colours.

Mechanically, the game’s still a pretty decent runner. Most of the time you’ll be swiping to change between three lanes, but there’s bad guys that need a swipe top take out, or tilting the device to make Spidey avoid obstacles as he scuttles up buildings or free falls from a plane.

There’s also the addition of web-slinging, which was my favourite mechanic from the game. You simply tap on the screen to go up with a web, and release to fall down sans web. It works so well it could almost be a different game (and one that I’d play, at that).

Where the game falls flat is getting to play: there’s a lives system, with each run using up one life. The timer is 10 min/life, which is pretty large, especially for an endless runner. It’s really disappointing.

Games can also become grind-fests, requiring large amounts of time to level up. The problem with levelling up is that Spider-Men are ranked on a star system. All start off at 1 star, but the default Spider-Man can only go up to three stars, meaning his maximum level is level 30, so you’ll need to get a new one that can go up to four stars – and guess what, it’s a lucky dip with chances of getting three-star Spider-Men. Oh, and you have to buy them with the premium currency of the game. It feels particularly cheap, and it could have been implemented so much better.

With all that being said though, Spider-Man Unlimited is still a decent game that’s entertaining, even if there are better endless-runners out there.


– Fantastic Art

– Solid Mechanics

– Decent Storyline



– Energy Bar

– “Lucky Dip” way of purchasing Spider-Men…With a premium currency.


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