Gamesland News: New Nintendo 3DS, Oculus Rift, Steam, and More

The latest news from the gaming world, in one, easy-to-read format.


– Oculus VR unveiled their new headset, dubbed “Crescent Bay”. It features improved motion tracking as well as optional built-in headphones.

– Gaming company Nintendo turned 125 the past week, a phenomenal achievement. Before they were in the games industry, the company sold playing cards and other toys.

– Steam received a huge update, bringing with it an upgrade graphical interface, tailored recommendations, as well as the option to follow “curators”, who recommend games to play.

– Nintendo announced that the New Nintendo 3DSes will be releasing only in Australia and New Zealand this year after Japan. There is no word on a European or  American release.

– Nerd Kingdom, developers of TUG, better known as the Yogventures consolation game, had to release half their team once their investor failed to deliver the money.


Leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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