Gamesland News: Twitch, Nintendo 3DS, Pokémon, and More!

The latest news from the gaming world, in one, easy to read format.


– Mojang announced that there would not be a Minecon in 2014.

– There was a series of attacks on gaming sites, notably WOW, LOL, and the PSN that was done by a group of hackers. There was also a security scare when it was reported that there was a bomb on the President of Sony America’s plane.

– In a move no-one saw coming, due to reports that Google was going to buy the service, online streaming service Twitch was bought by AMazon for $1 Billion Dollars.

– A new pokémon game, called Pokken Tournament was announced, and it is a pokémon fighting game developed by the team behind long-running series Tekken. So far, it’s only been confirmed as an arcade release in Japan, with no news for an international release, or even a Japanese console release.

– EA has started to reprint copies of Skate 3, which has become an internet phenomenon due to its amount of glitches that were showcased by YouTubers such as PewDiePie, and retailers simply couldn’t keep up with demand for the 2010 game.

– Famous TV show Doctor Who is coming to Minecraft (Xbox 360) in the form of familiar skin packs and worlds DLC.

– An indie dev had the police called on them after their landlord saw the plans for one of the games, which is based around nuclear warfare and had world maps with targets on it.

– An 8 Terabyte hard drive has been invented, but isn’t available for consumers just yet, although give it a couple of years and they’ll probably be mainstream.

– An internet prank had a S.W.A.T team called on a twitch streamer. The streamer was reported to have killed several people, and all the schools in the nearby area were closed and the S.W.A.T team tried to apprehend the innocent streamer. No-one was hurt, although these jokes seem to be going too far.

– A New 3DS was announced at Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct, and it will feature new back-triggers, 3D viewable from most angles, revamped colour-schemes (that mimic the SNES), face plates (not for the XL version), and a second analogue stick called the C-Stick (like the Gamecube) that functions like a second C-Stick. The console has several other features, including a faster CPU and micro-SD card slots, and also has games confirmed to work with the added functionality: Super Smash Bros is one example, and a port of Xenoblade Chronicles was announced for the system. It’s releasing in Japan in October, although it has been confirmed that there will no international release before the end of the year.

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That’s all the news for this week, but tune in next Friday (6/9/14) for more news from the Land of Gaming!


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