Gamesland News: For the last two weeks

The latest news from the gaming world, all in one, easy-to-read post.


– If you don’t feel like spending money on superheros in Disney Infinity‘s 2.0 playset (starring superheroes), Disney has announced a separate version which will feature Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) and Merida (Pixar’s Brave), although they will not feature in a playset – this version will only come with toybox access.

– The Best Game award at Gamescom this year went to Evolve.

– The Pokémon World Championships were held last week, with the winner, Sejun Park, using a Pachirisu, a pokémon not known for its use in the competitive field.

– Payday 2 developer, Overkill software, have announced that they’re working on a new, co-op, Walking Dead game.

– DayZ is officially coming to the PS4

– Some new themed Monopoly boards have been announced: A Legend of Zelda one as well as a Kanto-themed Pokémon board.

– And finally, after the sad news that Robin Williams, actor for many famous films, died, many fans insisted that the avid gamer be remembered through sprites in some of his favourite games, World of Warcraft and The Legend of Zelda. Recently, sprites were found in World of Warcraft under the name “Robin the Entertainer”, and Nintendo responded to the petition about putting Williams in the newest Zelda (Robin Williams was also the man who named his daughter Zelda). While Williams may not see his tribute in these games (should they be implemented), at least he would live on in the universes that he loved.

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That’s all the news for now, but come back next Friday (29/08/14) for more news from the Land of Gaming.


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