Hey! Where’s My Cross-Buy Content, Sony?


Recently the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy was released for PS Vita, with cross-buy content available…for digital owners only. So everyone that bougt the disc version (including me) is out of luck for scoring the PS Vita edition.

This seems to be a rising trend for most new cross-buy games where the Vita version has been added as an afterthought. This same scenario happened with this year’s earlier release of The Sly Collection.

The funny thing is, this is actually contradictory to the Cross-Buy terms and conditions. Article 3a of the Cross-Buy Content Terms and Conditions states that

When you purchase a PlayStation®3 game disc, you will be entitled to receive the PlayStation® Vita digital version of the same game (also known as Cross-Buy content).

Many people have bought the game disc. There is cross-buy content available. People with the disc are entitled to the digital Vita version, but they are not receiving the digital copy. Sony is actually contradicting its own Terms and Conditions. I’m no lawyer, but that sounds very fishy to me.

I don’t know though. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing. But it would still be nice to receive what I am entitled to.


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