Gamesland Update

Hello fabulous readers,

It’s not often I do a post like this. Oddly personal.

This week there was almost no new news. Just about everything was announced at E3 this year, and we’ve already covered all that in a massive 2633 word (approximately) post.

So I figured there was no point having a news update this week for the two items that would have been in it.

In addition to this, I’m going on (yet another) holiday tomorrow. Effectively, this means no updates of any kind until the first of July. Then I go on a separate trip, so the next time I’ll post will be the 10th of July. So, no frequent updates for the next two weeks.


So, until then, enjoy the steam summer sales (I’ve already spent $33 and I don’t even have a proper PC, just a laptop with not-that-great specs) and don’t forget that all of Halfbrick’s games are now free on iOS.


I’ll see you guys (metaphorically speaking) on the 1st of July, where they’ll be more news from the Land of Gaming.


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