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We knew it was our destiny,

– That’s right, Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire have been confirmed for a November 2014 release. It features Groudon and Kyogre mega evolutions, and also features “new” things (some hinting that there may be two regions). That’s all that’s known so far, but hey, it’s good news, right?
– It’s probably good news because Nintendo just announced their third operating system loss. It’s sad, but they have enough money in the bank to last years before they go broke or have to resort to a sega-style of doing things.
– Nintendo may be getting ideas from things it rejected before. The company has announced that it will be releasing Skylanders-esque characters that, they revealed, will not work on one particular game, but across several (including 3DS games), which enables a personal character to be created for each of the games. I interpret this to mean that, say, you could use your Mario figurine in Mario Kart 8on the Wii U, have it remember certain statistics, then use it in Mario Golf on the 3DS, and those stats would carry over. I’m just guessing though.
– Sony has revealed that the lightbar on the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller is designed with the Project Morpheus VR headset, and the controller uses a tracking feature.
– Microsoft has hinted at a Halo 5 in a small trailer showing off the operating system – among the shots is an achievement of the so-called Halo 5.
That’s all the news for this week.
New segment where I discuss anything non-gaming in brief.
This week: Star Wars!
I went and saw the original trilogy in cinemas, and it was awesome. It’s a completely different story in cinemas, a lot more tense and has higher emotions. Then I bought the Star Wars Collection on Steam for more Star Wars goodness. I’m looking forward to playing them!

– What are your opinions on this week’s non-gaming segment?
– Do you have any questions? Stuck on something? Is something bothering you about a game? Leave a comment, and we can discuss it!

Tune in next Friday (16.05.14) for the next News Update!


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