Gamesland News: 7.02.14 – 15.02.14

Sorry guys, I’ve been really busy this past few weeks, but I can assure you that Gamesland News will be back to the usual day of Friday next week, and we’ll have a new History of Games post tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you guys had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday.

– Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on an update which will allow 8% out of the current 10% of RAM assigned to the Kinect to be used for other purposes.
– Nintendo has confirmed that a NES Remix 2 is going to be released.
– A new development in the saga has emerged, where King (makers of Candy Crush Saga) have attempted to refute a trademark claim made many years ago by the maker of Candyswipe. The maker of Candyswipe has shown that the app icons, candy pieces-in game, and even the typography are nearly-identical, even though Candyswipe predates Candy Crush Saga by many years.
Borderlands 2 has been confirmed to come to PS Vita, and is also receiving it’s last piece of DLC.

Check back next Friday (21.02.14) for more news from the Land of Gaming!


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