Gamesland News: 03.01.14 – 10.01.14

– Sony announced it’s streaming service, Playstation Now, which will enable PlayStation One, PlayStation Two, and PlayStation Three games on the PS4 and even the PS Vita. The service was mentioned when Sony aquired Gaiki, and has only been announced for the USA. It will require a 5 Megabits (Mb) per second internet requirement, and not the 5 Megabytes (MB) per second as aome sites have reported.
– Valve is currently working on a Virtual Reality headset to work with every Steam Machine.
– Many Steam Machines were announced at this year’s Consumer’s Electronic’s Show (CES), with all different specs and prices. This has led many to question whether certain Steam Machines will be able to support all the games on Steam.
– A certain page on Bethseda’s website hinted at a next-gen remake of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, but this was later revealed to simply be a bug in the website while they were testing things out.
– With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on Steam, many users downloaded it, but reported that the game does not work in Steam’s offline mode.
– The numbers are in, and while Microsoft sold an impressive 3 million consoles over the holiday break, Sony managed to best that number, announcing that they had sold a very impressive 4.2 million over the break.
– Nintendo both won and lost a lawsuit this week. They won the battle that InterAction Laboratories put against them when they stated that Nintendo infringed on their patents with Wii Fit. IA Labs was unable to complayeky payoff the debt, and so Nintendo seized some of their patents to compensate. Unfortunately, Nintendo has been declared guilty of infringing on a different company’s patent, Tomita, who claimed Nintendo stole their sterostopic 3D display technology, which has been used in the 3DS. Nintendo was going to have to pay 30.2 million dollars to Tomita, but that number was halved to about 15 million due to some aspects of the technology, such as the cameras, not being an integral part of the 3DS. In addition to this, Nintendo must now pay 1.82% of the system’s wholesale price to Tomita. The 2DS may have been nintendo’s answer to this, as it does not feature any 3D features.

What I’m Playing
– I got a Vita as a late Christmas present, so I’ve been playing many games on that. I also downloaded Star Wars Battlefront II off the PSN store today, so I’ve been playing that. I also have other reviews coming soon, I plan on posting them the next few days (I haven’t had internet these past few days).

Leave a question in the comments and I’ll reply to it!

Check back next Friday (17.01.14) for more news from the Land of Gaming!


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