Predictions for the next generation of videogames

Now that next-gen is officially upon us, it’s time to make some predictions on what we’ll be seeing. There are five sections: Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo, and General. So bookmark this page, and return at the end of the generation, and see what we got right (but we’ll republish it again anyway, saying what we got right when the time comes).

Ninetndo will have a successful generation, but it’s towards the end of the generation that it will innovate. Nintendo will merge it’s home and portable consoles for it’s next-gen console, Meaning that games can be played on the go, then played with more functionality on a TV. The handheld will probably resemble a Gameboy Advance, although it will have 2 analogue sticks and a touch screen. We will see Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes for the 3DS, along with Pokémon Z. Every new portable console has had a remake of a previous gen in the new style on it. The GBA had Firered and Leafgreen, the DS had HeartGold and SoulSilver, so the 3DS will most likely have a Ruby/Sapphire remake, done in the new style of X/Y. Also, there was a limited edition Torchic available for people who bought the game early. Torchic was a gen 3 starter. The only reason we would have seen him was because the team was working on the models in that style. Everyone in the games also received a gen 1 starter. The gen 1 remakes were done in gen 3. As for Pokémon Z, “Z” is the pronumeral used for height, with X being length, and Y being width. Considering the game is in 3D, this makes sense.

Will we be seeing gen 3 remakes?

There will also be new Zelda‘s, an innovative new Mario, and several other franchises will be reborn. Metroid will be getting a new game, as will F-Zero. Nintendoland was clearly hinting at something. With these games, Nintendo will have a successful generation, however, it will not be beating any of it’s rivals, just being on-par with them.

Sony will have a very successful generation, because of it’s gamer-orientated PS4, and the capabilities of the Vita. Because every game on the PS4 supports remote-play, more people will start getting Vita’s to play their PS4 games remotely. The Vita starts receiving a greater influx of games after a technical masterpiece arrives on the scene. As for the PS4, there’ll be more Ratchet and Clank games, more Sly Cooper games, and possibly another Jak and Daxter game. There’ll be another Uncharted, OK, I’ll just say that a lot of famous Playstation IP’s will be on the PS4 and PSVita.

Microsoft will have a very successful generation, although not all of it will have to do with the Xbox’s success. After they release a portable console to compete with Sony’s and Nintendo’s consoles, Microsoft will release Windows 9, an operating system that works accross all their devices – Windows Phone, Xbox One, Windows Computers, their portable console. Using this OS, and a services such as Skydrive, games that are played on PC will be able to have saves transferred across to the Xbox One, and the portable console.

Valve has a great generation, with their Steam Machines doing well, although they will not do as well as the console market. Valve may release Half-Life 3, although they will only do so if it is apparent that the current FPS franchise (such as Call of Duty continue down their path of non-innovation. Valve, will, however, be releasing an innovative new IP, one which defines the genre.

Most companies do well, but Electronic Arts continues to receive a backlash from the gaming community. This will require them, around 2015/2016, to think about what they are doing and they will adjust accordingly. From that point on, EA will develop some of the best games in this generation. Mobile gaming can either go two ways – one where the market becomes overcrowded with copies of games and crashes, or the mobile market becomes one of the most innovative in history, constantly creating more and more innovative games that console and PC developers wouldn’t dare to try. Most other developers keep trying new things, and life goes as normal for them for the rest of the generation. Virtual Reality becomes a lot more prominent, and new games are constantly being made for all systems that use VR in some form.

So bookmark this page, and chack back at the end of the generation (whenever that may be) and see how many points I got right! Of course, I’ll do a post saying what I got right and didn’t when the next generation is upon us. Feel free to leave your own comments about what you think will happen below!


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