Gamesland in 2014 and Acknowledgements.

Gamesland started at the start of September 2013, and now it’s a new year. Gamesland will be doing new things. In 2014, this blog will not only have the weekly news, or reviews. It will have new segments. Several, in fact.

The first is titled A History of Videogames, and will be a twice-monthly post attempting to detail the history of videogames in general, and occassionally going into detail with a particular series or game which I feel has shaped gaming. The first post will be published on the 12th of January, and the next post will be published on the 26th, and so on.

The second will be an attempt to play through some of the most gamous series in gaming history. How does every game in The Legend of Zelda play in chronological order? How about Pokémon? I’ll play through the games in order, and publish a review here. Or maybe on another website, and I’ll reblog it here.

That brings me to the acknowledgments. I want to thank everyone who’s followed the site, and so, this is a list of all the followers of Gamesland sorted by how long the person has been following for (click on highlighted names to get taken to their website).

– Nikki Berkhof
Jesse Singh, a man who is an internet marketer, and his blog shares tips and strtegies on internet marketing and how to make money online.
– Android Bethy
Christian Mihai, a man who writes books and blogs about things in general.
Marissa Riback (mr688745), a woman who is an internet marketer and her blog is all about helping people reach their mental and financial goals.
Joe Seeber, a successful entrepreneur to help you with websites and life in general.
Marissa Riback (again, with username marissax3x3), this time she has a blog about beauty.
Erica Robinson, a woman who expresses what I call “feel-good” stories through pictures and articles.
Kendall F. Person , a man who writes. His tagline sums it up perfectly: “Where writing is a performance art and every post is a show”., a gaming blog run by three people who found a book titled 1001 books to read before you die, and decided to review every single one.
aquablue, a person who lists what they’re currently selling on ebay on wordpress.
porcelainred, a woman who blogs about things that are going on in her life.
Steven Fox, a writer who writes poetry and novels, and tests his ideas on his blog.
– chris1eong
James, a man who looks at everything mobile.
Gary Smith, a man who, with his team, reviews videogames and posts gaming news, impression articles, and videos.
The Gaming Grad, a man who posts gaming news, and is also an amateur game developer.
Aleexii, a man who blogs about “gaming, trends, entertainment, movies, tv, science, tech, gadget etc.”. Yes, that quote was from the tagline.
– l30ndn

Note that some of the above blogs may not be safe for children or any public place. If I’ve mistaken the subject matter of your blogs, spelt your name wrong, or made some other error, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

My thanks to everyone who followed, and I hope you all have a happy new year!


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