Gamesland News: 5.12.13 – 3.01.14

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and hope that the new year is amazing! I have a bit of a confession; I did have internet on my holiday, but I was so busy that the few times I got to use it, I could barely keep up with the RSS feeds from the sites I get the news from. So without further ado, the news:

– The Playstation was leading the next-gen sales last I saw the numbers (at early December) with the PS4 having sold 2.1 million unites, and the Xbox One just 100’000 unkts behind, at 2 million. That’s not a big difference
– The awards for the Game of the Year have been published by most publications, with The Last of Us appearing to win the most, followed by Grand Theft Auto V. Gamespot, however, received many angry letters when they announced that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as their Game of the Year.
– There have been many more reports of next-gen consoles being stolen from several gaming stores.
– The Steam Machines were distributed to their lucky winners. The Steam Machines are Steam’s offering for this console generation, and are essentially PC’s that you plug into your TV and play all your games that way.
– The Mac Pro was released, and it scored an 8/10 for repairibility from ifixit, and an added bonus is that everything in the tower is upgradeable. The PS4 and Xbox One also both received an 8/10.
– It’s been said that we might be seeing PS4 and Xbox One emulators sometime in the near future, as they have a similar setupto a PC regarding CPU’s amongst other things.
– Apple has released it’s 12 Days if Christmas app, where you get one gift free everyday, for 12 days.

What I’m Playing
– I have reviews coming for a few games, but I was unable to play my 3DS much during the holiday, because the charger isn’t compatible. So mainly iOS games.


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