People’s Choice Award 2013 – Winner

4 people voted in this year’s People’s Choice Award, which meant that out of Tomb RaiderThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Deer Hunter 2014, one game had to win. That game was…Deer Hunter 2014!

Now wait just a minute. Deer Hunter 2014 is a game based in 2014…yet it won the People’s Choice Award 2013. What madness is this?

While I joke, it is fitting that Deer Hunter 2014 at least wins one award. It probably isn’t quite fair having mobile and console games competing in the same category, but hey, every game received a vote, meaning that most have been played the population. But Deer Hunter 2014 was a very good game, nevertheless. It eases you gradually into it, and you go from cringing at seeing a dead deer to getting a surge of adrenalin as you kill a giant bear that’s coming at you (well, maybe not that dramatic. But you get the idea). You get many great weapons, and the mythological beast killing idea was great. Soemone needs to give that guy an award for creativity. The game was let down slightly by having an energy bar (why, Glu Games, why?) and the fact that the weapon stats don’t make any sense (you can’t kill this creature in one go with a power of 90, but you can with a power of 91!).

Congratulations Deer Hunter 2014. The People said that you were their game of the year for 2013.



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