Gamesland News: 22.11.13 – 29.11.13

– The PS4 was released today in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. It is coming to Japan sometime in February in 2014.
– We held the Gamesland awards for the first time over the past week. Bastion won the mobile game of the year, Pokémon X/Y won the Portable game of the year, and Disney Infinity won the Game of the Year. You can currently vote for your favourite game of the year here.
– The Sega Dreamcast celebrated it’s 15th birthday on Wednesday (well, it was originally released on that date in Japan). It seems that November is the month of console releases!

What I’m playing
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past came out on Saturday, so I got it. Probably my favourite game right now.
Bit Trip Saga on my 3DS, and I’ve mainly been playing Runner.

I go on holiday on Wednesday, and won’t be back until the start of the new year. So this site will not have any new content until a few days into the start of 2014. We’ll have a news update on Tuesday, and then we’ll have an update once I get back.
***End of Notice***

Tune in next Tuesday (3.12.13, the last 2013 update) for more news from the land of gaming.


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