Portable Game of the Year – Winner

The Portable Game of the Year winner for 2013 is…Pokémon X/Y!

Although I haven’t reviewed the game yet, I still really like it. It gives you a ton of Pokémon, including two starters and a Lucario (plus a Torchic if you get the game before January), has lots of different locations, and has changed the Pokémon formula for the better. The whole game has now moved fully into 3D character models, meaning that you can mlove diagonally, and your Pokémon will now actually move around the battlefield (well, slightly. They’ll always run back to their platform). You can ride around on certain Pokémon now (but only in certain areas), you have roller skates, and you can get a bike as always. The gyms feel refreshing, now actually having to do with the specialty of the gym. For example, the bug gym has a spiders web to run around on, and the rock one has rock-climbing walls. I was surprised at how diverse the locations are, and how there’s actually a fairly intriguing storyline behind it (it’s about rocks). There’s also shout-outs to previous games, with the two legendary Pokémon from Unova appearing as statues, and the professor having learnt in Sinnoh…Does that mean the professor was you from the Sinnoh region? It’s up to you. It doesn’t quite make use of the 3D like I’d hoped, with it only being used in certain locations and certain battles, but when it is on, it looks great. Sure, there’s a few framerate issues in battles with it on, but apart from that it’s great.



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