Gamesland News: 16.11.13 – 22.11.13

– The Xbox One was launched today. With all three companies having their consoles out, next-gen is now current-gen.
– Speaking of next-gen current gen, the Playstation 4 sold 1’000’000 (1 million) consoles in its first twenty-four hours of being available (that’s a day, in case you’re not good at maths).
– Speaking of the Playstation 4, some users have reported a “blue pulsing light of death”, with others reporting that the HDMI ports weren’t working at all. Sony has released a trouble shooting forum, and is asking users to send their console back to them if it’s broken, and they’ll get a new one in return (hopefully not with the same problem).
– ifixit, a company that tears gadgets apart and gives them a repairability rating between one and ten, with one being the worst and ten being the best, gave both consoles an 8. An important note: Changing the hard drive on your PS4 will not void the warranty, but changing it on your Xbox One will, and the Xbox One hard drive may be encoded. With games needing to be installed on both consoles, and you’re planning on getting a lot of games, the PS4 may be the way to go, simply because you can change it easily. It even tells you how to in the instruction booklet.

What I’m playing
Assassin’s Creed on PS3.
– That’s it (was a very busy week).

Tune in next Friday (29.11.13, the date of the PS4 launch date in Europe and Australia and New Zealand, again, conveniently) for more news from the land of Gaming.


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