Mobile Game of the Year 2013 – Winner

Well, the suspense is over, and the winner of Gamesland’s Mobile Game of the Year 2013 award…Will be revealed after this ad break Bastion for iOS!

Bastion is a great little game, and is available for $5.49 (AU iTunes) in the app store. It had a great story, great gameplay, and was from an indie developer that none of us had heard of before. The game narrates your every move, often in over-the-top detail, but hey, who’s complaining? The ground rises up just ahead of you, and the controls had been given a complete makeover for iOS, with auto-locking and taps forming the majority of the controls. Sure, you could use the smae controls as the PC version, but it was just so much easier with these controls. There were places to unlock, weapon upgrades to obtain, replyablility! The one thing that let this game down was that there won’t be any DLC in the future, because it’s really short. But it’s so worth it.


My Review of Bastion


2 thoughts on “Mobile Game of the Year 2013 – Winner

    • It’s definately a great game, but it’s not too much different from the PC version (I assume, having not played the PC version). Tou can play with more buttons though, and if you want a portable version of the game for trips etc it’s really good.


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