Gamesland News: 08.11.13 – 15.11.13

– Next-Gen is (sort-of) here! If you live in America, that is. The PS4 was released today (or tomorrow, I guess, being in Australian time), the Xbox One is released on the 22nd, with the PS4 coming on the 29th in Europe. Although, hasn’t next-gen already been here with the WiiU? This is hurting my head. Let’s just say that the next generation of gaming is finally here with Microsoft and Sony releasing their new consoles, and leave it at that.
– Speaking of next-gen, Target may have stuffed up its Xbox One pre-orders. By “stuffed up”, I mean “accidentally sent out approximately 150 of the new consoles, allowing people access to the day-one update and being able to access Xbox Live and play Xbox One games”. You know, your average minor shipping order stuff up. One user posted an unboxing video on YouTube, bought Call of Duty: Ghosts from his local game store (because, no-one had a console to play it on yet, right?) and posted the install times to twitter. Microsoft found out, pulled his Xbox Live, posted a copyright claim on his YouTube video, causing it to be taken down, and his Twitter account was suspended for being updated too much. Microsoft has stated they will remove their copyright claim a few days before the release, meaning his will be the first online, and invited him to the official press release.
– It has been scientifically proven that playing video games improves your intelligence. A study shows that people who played Super Mario 64 for just 30 minutes a day had significant increases in the brain areas of spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning, and fine motor skills.

What I’m Playing
Rayman Fiesta Run on iOS.
Pokémon X on 3DS.
– Played a game of Cluedo last night. Yes, one of those ancient “board game” things. Was a good game (won both times).
– That’s it!

Tune in next Friday (22.11.13, which is, once again, conveniently the Xbox One release date) for more news from the land of gaming!


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