Gamesland News: 01.11.13 – 08.11.13

Live from Gamesland, it’s time for another news update!


– Nintendo has officially stopped production of the Wii. The Wii had sold 100 million copies since 2006, making it the fifth best-selling console ever, and the best-selling of the latest generation (so far). The Wii was revolutionary in establishing motion controls, and was an extremely popular home console.

– The Wii Mini has officially become available to purchase in the United States. The Wii Mini is a cheaper, smaller version of the Wii, costs $100, and comes with a wiimote, nunchuck, and Mario Kart Wii. It is compatible with 1400 Wii games, but is only able to play them, and will not be able to access the Internet or e-shop. Nintendo, if this thing ever comes to Australia, I might just buy it…If only to play the Nintendo exclusive games of the last generation.

– Nvidia has announced its newest graphics card, the GeForce GTX 780Ti, supposedly the “best GPU on the planet” (according to Nvidia)

– The 2DS can actually fit in your pocket! This Video from gaming website Kotaku has a nice review, with proof that it fits in your pocket (barely).

– All the next generation hype is here, with the PS4 releasing on the 15th in the US (29th in Europe or Australia) and the Xbox One being released on the 22nd. Which one will you be getting?


What I’m Playing

– Pokémon X arrived, so I’ve been playing that. Really like what I’ve seen so far, been working on getting a good team (so much fun to one-hit KO someone because of a type advantage)

– That’s it (I know. It’s disappointing)


Tune in next Friday (15.11.13…Conveniently the day the PS4 releases, so I understand if you guys are too busy playing your new console) for more news from the land of gaming!


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