Gamesland News: 25.10.13 – 01.11.13

Well, guys, I hope you had a great week. Some new games were released, namely Batman: Arkham Origins and Battlefield 4, so if you’re playing them, I hope you enjoy them!

– Indie games developer Halfbrick (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja) was announced as mobile developer of the year in Australia.
– It had been confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at 720p on the Xbox One, however it has been stated by a Microsoft representative that it will still look good upscaled to 1080p. Comparison videos appear to show not much difference.
– Also in Xbox One news, the Kinect will share you’re data with Microsoft, but only if you’re playing online, and only a stick figure version of yourself will be sent to Microsoft. You will not be able to be recognised by the stick figure diagram, and the data will be deleted after they have analysed it. Voice Chat, however, will be able to be heard by anyone.
Titanfall will be a Microsoft (Xbox One and PC) exclusive, and will not be coming to PS4. Titanfall 2 might be, though.
– Nintendo announced a new Pokémon game, in which Pikachu will have a big role. Apparently, it’s a detective style game.
– Nintendo also announced that The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin will be getting a cartoon on the 3DS video software.
Nintendo Letter Box (or Swapnote) has been cancelled after ot was tevealed that certain people were sending inapporpriate content.

What I’m Playing
Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (I’ll explain later).
– My Pokémon X game has not arrived yet. Grrrr.

Questions? Feedback?
– Leave them in the comments and I’ll post a reply.

Tune in next Friday (8.11.13) for more news from the land of Gaming.


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