Happy Halloween!

Here at Gamesland, I’d like to wish you a very happy halloween before tomorrow’s news update.

So, we have something very scary to ask…What was the first videogame you ever played? It’s scary because you might be just new to gaming, or you might be an old timer who remembers playing Pong in the arcade.

I’ll tell you mine (slightly embarrising because it’s so recent): Ratchet and Clank: Locked & Loaded. There! I said it! I still remember it. I still find it relatively difficult, even though I’m 9 years older than I was back then. I remember looking at the unlocked cutscenes and counting 5 more to unlock…then I got a PS3 and got the HD trilogy remake…And I still haven’t finished the first game…So many games, so little time…

So what was the first game you ever played?

Daily Prompt: First!


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