Mobile Week: Day 6 – Turbofly Review

Available On: iOS, Google Play

Price: $0.99

Reviewed On: iOS

Turbofly is a small indie racing title that’s been described as a new gen F-Zero (a futuristic racer for the NES that got sequels up until 2004). I got it when a few months back, and it’s one of the best indie titles I’ve ever played.

Turbofly is a futuristic-styled racer based on the unity engine. There’s boosts and missiles and a whole host of other racers, it has game centre intergration, and there’s around 25 races, but only about 5 locations, but these locations have “frozen” version of themselves. The races steadily get more difficult, feeling like a challenge later on, while not being frustrating. There’s generally 4 laps per track, with around 25 races as mentioned above. That’s very short, and it shows, as this game will only take about half an hour to forty five minutes to complete, but you can go back and try to get the fastest time for game centre leaderboards.

Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer racing yet, not over WiFi or LAN, and that feels like a missed oppitunity. The game would have so much more replay value if that was implemented. All in All, Turbofly is a great little indie title. I really enjoyed playing it, and although there’s better racers out there that are free or free-to-play (like Real Racing 3), Turbofly is a great, small-cost title.

– Graphics are futuristic
– Boosts and weapons
– Game Centre leaderboard intergration
– Racing feels realistic enough, but feels like a kart racer at the same time.

– Not many Locations
– Not many racers, and so is a very short game
– No replay value provided in WiFi or LAN races.


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