Gamesland News: 19.10.13 – 25.10.13

So guys, how was your week? I’ve been OK, a sore throat currently, but nothing too serious. I hope you’ve all been enjoying Mobile Week 2013!
Anyway, onto the news…

– Apple announced some shiny new products for us this week, including the Mac Pro, which will be required to be plugged into a screen, the iPad Air, which is so thin that you basically can’t see it on it’s side (it also has the faster A7 processor seen in the iPhone 5s), the iPad Mini 2, which has a retina display, and Apple also updated their Macbook Pro line to have faster processors.
– Apple also unveiled their new operating system, OS X Mavericks.
Ratchet: Gladiator has been remastered in HD and is available on the PSN.
– It’s been remoured that Call Of Duty: Ghosts will run at 1080p on the PS4, but only 720p on the Xbox One. Is this proof that the PS4 does have a 50% power advantage over the Xbox One? Time will Tell.
– Speaking of First Person Shooters, a new Battlefield 4 trailer shows that the game has a dog, like Call Of Duty: Ghosts. You could say that the two companies (DICE and Activision) are unleashing the dogs of war…
– Nintendo has revealed new WiiU bundles, most of them appealing to families who might prefer the “suitable for everyone” games as opposed to the Xbox One and PS4. There’s a catch though: Ninetndoland won’t come included with the bundle, but both Nintendo’s online store and retailers for $29.99.
– It’s been rumoured that a new Luigi-themed 2DS might be coming to stores soon. The pictures were leaked, but it’s unsure at the moment whether the console will be made.

What I’m Playing
– Not a lot, I’ve barely had time to play anything since my holiday.
– Looking forward to Pokémon, though (hasn’t arrived yet. grrrr).

That’s all the news for this week, but tune in next Friday (1.11.13) as we get ready for the next round in the console wars (sadly) and for some more news as well.


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