Mobile Week – Day 5: Pitfall Review

Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Reviewed On: iOS

Pitfall was originally an Atari game released in 1982. Now, it’s been rebooted to Mobile devices for a new audience, and it’s now in the form of an endless runner. Having never played the original game, I was hoping that this was good.

It’s quite a nice looking game, with a contrast added to the graphics. It makes it look very 80’s. The game is the same as just about every other endless runner out there, but this one plays out in landscape mode, and also sees you having a weapon: a whip. You tap the screen to use this whip, and you’ll need to do that to swing across ledges, or kill animals like snakes or scorpians. The game also has additions, like a jaguar thing you can ride on, and areas like caves. Most importantly, and appearing far before Temple Run 2, is the minecart section.

The game features coins which you can use to increase the amount of time you get to ride the jaguar thing, purchase second lives, or buy new outfits. It’s the usual endless-runner affair.

All in all, this is a very good game, but it feels just a bit too much like other endless runners, like Temple Run. But the exploration and graphics are quite nice, and being a free game, I highly reccomend you download it.

– 80’s graphics
– Different areas
– Minecart section (far before Temple Run 2
– Jaguar thing to ride on

– Too much like others in its genre
– Gets boring after a few plays


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