Mobile Week – Day 2: Space is Key

Available on: iOS, Android

Reviewed on: iOS

Price: $0.99

Like yesterday’s WonderputtSpace is Key was a flash game that was then ported to iOS and Android. Fortunately, this port is done a lot better.

Space is Key requires expert timing and spacial awareness. You control a little pixel that must make it through many (100+, with further updates promised) levels, avoiding any other pixel-based structures, which will destroy your puny pixel if you touch them, causing you start the level all over again. Along the way, you’ll have to deal with a GLaDOS-like computer making sarcastic comments. The controls are simple: tap to jump. That’s all there is to it. But the levels are very difficult, and require a certain level of strategy to get through them, but implementing this strategy will require perfect timing. A lot of the time, I just tapped at points that seemed right (call it gamer’s intuition) and I managed to get through the game that way, but I think that, subconsciously, my brain was making  a strategy to tell me when to jump. It sounds confusing, but makes sense when you’ve played the game.

There’s very few things wrong with this game. the level’s are very short, so the game will only take about half an hour to complete fully, but you can replay it to try and beat the amount of deaths you had for a certain game (the game is composed of three flash games, the original, and two sequels). The game’s also very hard, but in a good way. Although it’s difficult, it’s easy to find the solution, it’s just your tapping speed may need improving. It also makes it very rewarding when you finish a particularly hard level.

I really enjoyed this game, and for it’s price, I think it’s a really good deal. The controls have been ported perfectly, and I think that even if you have played it online for free, it’s worth paying this small amount of money to get the three games available to play offline.


– Controls ported wonderfully

– Level design is great

– While hard, it’s very rewarding

– Small price for a great collection of games



– Short levels make the game seem very short

– Can be frustrating a times, but a solution is always present


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