Mobile Week Day 1 – Wonderputt (iOS) Review

Available on: iOS

Reviewed on: iOS

Price: $0.99

Wonderputt is a game that was originally an internet game. I played it during “The Gamer Games”, an online competition where you played games to earn points and go onto a ranked leaderboard (where you could have a bronze, silver, or gold medal). I ended up obtaining a silver medal, but obtaining just a few more points would have meant that I got a gold medal. I got a gold medal in Wonderputt, though, so when it became free last year, I downloaded it, hoping that it was a good game.

The idea behind Wonderputt is that it’s a golf game with a difference. It almost has a story to it, except it can’t really be called a story. The whole (if you’ll pardon the pun) course takes place on the one screen, for the most part, with the ball moving around to different areas, or the same areas, just in a different season. You move your finger back in a direction to aim the ball in the opposite direction, and depending on how far you’ll pull back you’ll adjust the power of the hit. It’s a nice game, with cute graphics, but there’s a few problems.

Firstly, going from a big screen to the smaller screen of an iPad (or an iPad mini, if you desire) just doesn’t work. While it’s a nice idea to have everything on the one screen, it’s just far too big to fit on the iPad screen. I found that it was hard to see where I was aiming the ball, and that it was just too fiddly on the small screen. It just needed to have a zoom option for this port. Also, the game is very short. A good player could finish it in five minutes, the average player will probably finish it in 10 -15 minutes. Some replay value is provided in the form of collecting all the pieces of a rainbow, but it’s not much fun to repeat the same course again. I guess you could try getting the highest score possible on all the holes and trying to get onto the Game Centre leaderboards, getting all the achievements, or try beating all your friend’s scores if you so wish, but I personally found the amount of content here way too little for even a game as cheap as this. It felt like it should be free, which is slightly disappointing.


– Cute art style

– Innovative ideas


– Far too short for it’s price

– Controls too fiddly

– No real replay value


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