Gamesland News: 21/09/13 – 27/09/13


– Steam announced two new products: SteamOS, a brand new operating system for computers, and Steam Machines , a brand new computer designed to run the SteamOS. Sadly, no Half-Life 3 was announced…
– People had great fun discovering lots of glitches in Grand Theft Auto V.
– Facebook finally allowed post editing.
– A man on drugs tried to sell a Xbox (model unspecified) to a man and then stabbed him when he didn’t want to buy the console.
– A judge has banned a 17 year old from playing video games after he assaulted his mother with his Playstation 3.
– A man stole a car after playing Grand Theft Auto V.

What I’m Playing
– Not much at the moment, surprisingly…
Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 ReMIX.
– I plan to start playing the Journey’s Collector’s Edition again soon.
Band Stars, for it’s global release shortly.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?
– Leave a comment below and I’ll answer it!

Tune in next Friday (04/10/13) for more news!


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