Animal Cruelty – Deer Hunter 2014 review

Availiable for: iOS, Android
Reviewed on: iOS
Company: Glu Games inc.

Deer Hunter 2014 is not the usual game that you get on a mobile device. It’s detailed, realistic, and occassionally just plain weird.

I’ve never picked up a gun in my life. Deer Hunter 2014 makes you upgrade your guns to make them the most amazing things ever, and then go out and shoot some poor animals in the heart, lungs, or just about anything else. You start off wincing at the thought of killing a deer, to going all out with an assault rifle and killing them in the dozens…and there’s a certain strategy to the way you do it as well. For example, certain animals will run after you and attempt to kill you, so killing these animals is not a problem, you wait for them to come to you. Others will bolt away, so you have to be on guard to get a final shot as they run to one of the few exit points on a map.

There’s three regions in the game, with each one having a hunting “tour” and another one that plays out like an assassination, where you have to shoot the animals in the heart, except these are animals with a difference: they’re rare beings from mythology, such as a unicorn, or a certain type of bear. These missions give you quite a bit of cash, and that’s required to upgrade your gun for these “assassinations”, as they often require you’re gun to be the best of the best, and that’s to prepare you for the next region.

While the game is fun, there’s a few problems, namely, the energy bar, where it’ll take over an hour to get back to full, meaning that you won’t be able to play for ages. Gun upgrades also take time to “import” after upgrading that part of the gun a few times. If you’re smart, you’ll purchase an upgrade at the same time as you’re energy bar runs out, so you’ll be able to play for a while when you’re upgrade arrives. And yes, I did try turning the clock forwards, but that doesn’t work. Finally, the gun stats don’t make any sense! You’d think that a gun with power 187 would be able to do a mission requiring a gun with power 188, but no! You won’t be able to inflict enough damage unless you upgrade the gun, which just feels bizzare.

This game is very good, and being free, gives you all the reason to download it. Just have another game ready to play when you’re energy bar runs out/you’re gun parts are arriving.

– Very detailed Graphics
– Wide range of weapons
– Good gameplay
– Free with few ads

– Energy Bar and Weapon Upgrading Times
– Too short, hopefully updates come soon
– Weapon Stats make no sense



5 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty – Deer Hunter 2014 review

    • A. Madmom says:

      This game demo just popped up on my child’s ‘How To Draw: Minecraft Edition’ app and now has her in tears. This should not be advertised on an app that younger audiences may use.


  1. Its a fascinating game and fairly addictive. The fact that you have to wait for certain aspects to occur (energy regeneration/upgrades) is not all bad. You can’t complain on a free download. Some may be appalled by the nature of the game but look on the bright side-it IS but a game. No REAL animals are being harmed. Cinema reminds us of that all the time at the finally of their flix.There are worse subject matters out there in more popular gaming efforts in which human herds
    are being “thinned/culled” out. No one seems
    any worse for wear. Politics aside, “BRAVO” GLU!! You areto be congratulated on this effort.I finally get to experience something I would never get to do or would even try in real life. The THRILL of the hunt. Thanks again. Looking forwards to the next generation. (Games… not energy bar);-)

    worse for wear.


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