To be or not to be Apple’s saviour – iOS 7 thoughts/review

Is iOS 7 to be Apple’s saviour? Is this the reason why people are going to buy the 5s and the 5c? Well, I’m not sure. It’s amazing, and awesome, but I’m not sure whether you would buy the 5s and the 5c for this. The first thing you notice is the keyboard. It’s a lot simpler. That pretty much somes up iOS 7 right there. It’s a lot simpler.There’s nothing bad about that, but iOS 7 is mainly a cosmetic upgrade. All the default apps have gotten a new look and icon (and WordPress updated its own app), but it falls short after that.

The fancy all-around moving background just feels a little tacked-on. Folders now have two screens to them, so if you have an app you love at the end of a folder, you have to move it to the top for easy access. This poses problems for me, as my entire iPad is consisted of folders based on genres of game/education and a few others. Also, to stop apps running in the background you have to swipe up, instead of tapping, which is going to take a while if you’re removing quite a few apps from the background. Also, the “dock” at the bottom of the screen is now just a boring translucent bar. Why can I not see the bottom of my background, Apple? Because you thought I wanted a blurred bar instead. Also, apps now zoom out from the app, instead of the centre. All-in-all, the scoreboard looks something like this:
New Features: 0. Tacked-on cosmetic changes: 100%.

iOS 7 isn’t bad, it’s just going to take sometime to get used to. But if I end up hating iOS 7, at least I have my iPhone 3GS to fall back on.

Nice look
Interesting cosmetic changes



No new features
Dock looks bad
Background feels tacked-on


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