First Thoughts – Band Stars

A small little title appeared on the Australian and Canadian App Stores today. That game was a new game from Halfbrick and Six Foot Kids, titled Band Stars. It’s currently only on the Australian and Canadian app stores, with a global release planned “before the end of the year”. Nevertheless, it was free so I decided to have a look at it. It’s actually really good.

You start off by having to choose your band members (you can choose from more later) and then start recording a song, which will then (hopefully) become a hit. When recording the song, you have to choose a genre, lyrics, and publisher. If it becomes a hit, you can then use “drink” to make it go viral, thus boosting your sing further up the charts, and with that comes more profit. Along the way you figure out which combinations of genres and lyrics go together, and be able to make better songs.

The free-to-play style works well, with real-world money being used to purchase in-game money, “drink”, and Inspirados, which I’m not sure are for, but I think it has something to do with how good you are at making songs. There’s a few problems with the game, the obvious being that one genre with lyrics will sound exactly the same to the same genre with different lyrics, but we weren’t expecting too much.

If you live in Australia or Canada, it’s worth taking a look at, being free, but for the rest of the world, I’ll post a review when it’s released worldwide. Sit tight until then.


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