Gamesland News

– A developer recently claimed that the PS4 has a 50% advantage over the XBOX One. Microsoft, understandably, was not impressed.
-Apple announced the new iPhones, the 5s and 5c. The 5s has a few new features, such as fingerprint recognition and a new camera. It will also be the first phone to be 64-bit. The 5c is going to be a cheap, colourful version, with none of the new features.
-Also in Apple news, iOS 7 is set to be coming on the 18th of September, with the 5s and 5c coming on the 20th, just two days later.
-In Android news, the latest operating system has been announced: Kit Kat. I don’t use Android, so I have noo idea what that means, but apparently it’s big news…
-Nintendo’s new portable console is…A 2D 3DS, the 2DS…yeah, we have no idea why either. It’s going to be $50 cheaper, but why wouldn’t they just lower the price of the 3DS by $50…

What I’m Playing
Because the new 3DS Legend of Zelda game (A Link between Worlds) is a spiritual successor to A Link to the Past, we decided to play the GBA remake of the game. Itis punishing.

What I’m planning on reviewing next
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix got released as soon as I wanted to play the Kingdom Hearts games, so I’ll probably review that next.

That’s all the news for this week, but be here next Friday to see more Gamesland News!


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