He’s reviewing a game: Bastion for iOS review

Bastion was quite a hit when it came to PC a few years ago, and it shortly got ported too iOS. It’s available for $5.49 on the App Store, and it’s quite a good game.

The graphics are amazing on a retina display, even though they could be considered childish. The attention to detail is amazing, and extremely bright. The storyline is also quite good, with lots of twists and turns. But you only get to make two really important choices, and they both occur at the end, and some more would have been nice. The background music is quite good, and often have more meaning than initially meets the eye.

The gameplay was quite simple, and the controls have been updated for iOS, which was good to see. Most ports have touch versions of the controller, but these don’t generally work that well, but Bastion’s is very simple: tap to move, double tap to dodge, with the game auto-locking on targets. But this auto-lock often didn’t lock onto the targets I wanted it to, and it often targets destructables in the level, rather than enemies. In what world do auto-locks target destructables instead of enemies?

Of course, Bastion is famous for it’s narration, and that’s no different here. It’s often humorous in places, even though the game has very dark subject matter. I also wish that there was slightly more backstory. Also, there’s currently no DLC, and there’ll probably never be DLC, because the website says that there will be no in-app purchases, which is a shame, because this game’s only real problem is that it’s just a tad too short.

One of my fondest memories of this game was in the last level, and none of the enemies were shooting at me (for reasons I don’t want to spoil), and then all of a sudden, one started firing on me. What happens? all the enemies close to him start shooting him. It was hilarious. It’s those small little things you’ll want to play Bastion for, and it’s a great game.





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